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Sesiapa sahaja boleh menjadi member WorldshoppersLink.com. Tidak perlu mempunyai populariti dan kemahiran yang terlampu tinggi. Pelajar IPT, kakitangan kerajaan/swasta, kerja sendiri, warga pencen boleh menjadi member WorldshoppersLink.com.


Program Affiliate yang ditawarkan ini membolehkan sesiapa sahaja yang menyertai program ini dapat bertindak sebagai member WorldshoppersLink.com serta layak menerima komisyan berdasarkan skim insentif yang ditawarkan.
Program Affiliate yang ditawarkan kepada sesiapa sahaja yang melanggan secara berbayar beberapa produk / perkhidmatan yang disediakan oleh WorldshoppersLink.com dalam bentuk pakej.
Pakej ini dibezakan dengan harga dan saiz ruang iklan dan ganjaran yang terkandung di dalam pakej yang ditawarkan.
Terdapat 4 pakej utama iaitu:

Oleh kerana WorldshoppersLink.com BUKAN MLM, atau Direct Selling, justeru itu, TIDAK ADA apa-apa yuran tambahan atau belian barang untuk tujuan maintain Cuma tempoh iklan dihadkan hanya untuk setahun sahaja, namun begitu boleh diperbaharui untuk setiap tahun menggunakan bonus anda.
Member WorldshoppersLink.com dilantik menggunakan konsep program Affiliate. Setelah kita beli produk/servis tersebut secara pakej, kita ditawarkan sertai program affiliate, melalui program affiliate ini kita akan dibayar komisyen (upah) sekiranya ada individu lain yang berminat untuk menggunakan servis yang ditawarkan atau ingin menjadi member melalui program affiliate.
Proram Affiliate merupakan satu bentuk marketing di internet yang sangat popular, ianya menjanjikan pulangan keuntungan/ modal sekiranya peserta berjaya mempromosi sesuatu produk melalui link yang disediakan. Sebelum ini, saya juga pernah menyertai program Affiliate LAIN (*BUKAN seperti www.WorldshoppersLink.com/UsernameAnda).
Sebagai contoh; saya membeli ebook bernilai RM40, saya ditawarkan RM20 sekiranya saya berjaya membawa seorang pembeli membeli ebook tersebut dengan membayar RM40. Sekiranya saya dapat perkenalkan kepada dua orang, saya akan dapat RM40 (balik modal). Jika orang ketiga membeli saya sudah dapat RM60 (untung RM20). Kalau saya terlampau rajin mempromosi ebook tersebut. Katakan 200 orang beli saya akan dapat RM2000. itu contoh luar, bukan WorldshoppersLink.com. Kerana di Click4Dollar.com, kita bukan sahaja dibayar sekali tetapi banyak insentif lain, iaitu :
1. Bonus Penajaan
2. Bonus Cylinder (Profit Sharing/ CTO)
3. Bonus Pairing (Binggo)


WorldshoppersLink.com memberi member komisyen dan insentif yang lumayan dan berpanjangan. Oleh kerana portal ini mahu tingkatkan trafik dan rating, insentif yang diberikan memang berbaloi agar rangkaian anda cepat berkembang.

 How do I sign up with WorldShoppersLink.com? 
Simply complete our online registration form but each registration requires an introducer. 
Do I have to pay to be a member to WorldShoppersLink.com?
Anyone can do FREE registration with us via online registration form. Yes! Its absolutely FREE!
What benefit me once I signed up with WorldShoppersLink.com?
All FREE members will be paid when they view Merchants ads. You will be paid USD0.01 cents per view up to max 10 viewing per week per id.
How to become Merchant to WorldShoppersLink.com?
Once you registered with us, you will have choice to upgrade your account to be our Merchant by selecting the package provided
Can we share the PC to view ads with different users?
Yes You Can. Users may share the PC to earn Pay Per View.   
How do we liquidate all the bonuses earned?
  1. You may request for withdrawal via Liberty Reserve Payment Gateway System at anytime and the transfer will be cleared in your Liberty Reserve account within 7 working days.
  2. Members may also sell/buy e wallet within members at agreed currency rates.

What is Liberty Reserve? 

Liberty Reserve is an account-based payment system where you can store value in U.S. dollars and transfer payments to others and receive payments from others. It is safe, reliable and confidential. Payments are irrevocable (meaning they cannot be reversed). Liberty Reserve is instant, real-time currency for international commerce. In just minutes, you can send and receive payments from anyone, anywhere on the globe!
What payment types can each Merchant accept when anyone make a purchase? 
We process the following payment types: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit, Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money payment gateway. We can process each payment type in the customer’s local currency.
Do we earn any commission when introducing Merchants to buy the package? 
Yes you do. You earn 6.5% real time out of any package purchased by the Merchant.
Can we introduce this business to anyone overseas? 
Yes you can! WorldshoppersLink is a 100% online Shopping Mall. A member may introduce this business to anyone, anywhere in the world as desired.
What really make this website popular? 
First and foremost, they are fun. Second, people stay on these sites for hours checking out all of the cool items to shop and get more information plus get paid too for viewing. This also creates heavy traffic for the advertisers.
What kind of products prohibited for sell?
Obviously there will be no hardcore adult content, no pornographic material, no controversial material and no illegal activities. Everything else is accepted for now.
How long can this last?
A. There is no limit to the number of advertisement space we can sell. There are millions of Merchants worldwide. As long as the Internet is around we plan on keeping this business viable.
How does the company profit to pay the viewers? 
Just imagine, websites like google, yahoo, youtube, fb etc they are now worth and earn billions even without collecting any membership fee from anyone. Once the traffic is heavy, the company will definitely earn from advertisement space offered to everyone worldwide. With the phenomena by linking all the Merchants and Shoppers via a hybrid affiliate system, WorldShoppersLink believed will really shake the world soon.
Why did you start this business?
We saw the advertisement space selling wave and realized this would be an excellent network marketing company because the value proposition is excellent for both advertising and building personal revenue streams for individuals. WorldShoppersLink website does not affect or create competition to other networking companies but it help to promote/ advertise other company’s business through One Stop Shopping Mall, it is WorldShoppersLink.com
How is WorldShoppersLink difference than other online shopping website? 
We created a business model that pays people to view ads, spread the word and earn residual income.
Is the Merchant Package Fee a one time fee or is it paid each year. And, if it is paid each year, do I get paid again through the company plan?
Yes, each Merchants Package purchased will only last for 12 months and your advertisements will be resolved by then. But beside that, your accounts that came along with earlier registration will never be expired. You may do maintenance to your existing Merchant Package by paying again the same amount that will last you for another 12 months advertisement and another new account unit will be given. Yes, you get paid for Pay Per View all over again when the merchant Package renewed! It is like having a new person sign up all over again!

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